We learned Wednesday evening that Bobby Cox, who won 14 consecutive division titles as manager of the Braves, will retire following the 2010 season, presumably after a well-earned farewell tour around the National League. Now comes the news that Wayne Gretzky, who was noticeably missing in action in recent days from his post as coach of the Coyotes, is stepping down from the bench after an inglorious run with the franchise.

One played 220 games in the big leagues. The other once tallied 215 points in a season. We'll let you guess which one is which.

Once again, great players do not make great anything else. Go back a decade or two and there were no bigger sporting icons than Gretzky and Michael Jordan. Now one is a failed coach and the other, by most accounts, is an executive of little renown. So which legend has been a bigger flop?


To be closely followed by Larry Bird. At least Bird was a decent coach, but time's also running out on him as an executive. Excellence as a player doesn't always carry over to coaching or running an organization.

-- antule14

Well, that's an extra $8.5 million for Phoenix...er...Hamilton.

-- dromer1973

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