Are the Braves about to get their own Washington bailout in the wild-card race?

As recently as last week, the NL wild card was a done deal in SportsNation's eyes -- 59 percent of voters said the Rockies were headed to the postseason. And now ... well, actually the Rockies remain the overwhelming popular pick to win the wild card. But after loss No. 8 in the their last 12 games, the wild-card lead is down to 3.5 games over the Braves. And guess who the Braves play seven times in the season's final stretch?

Your 100-loss Washington Nationals!

Meanwhile, the Rockies play both the Cardinals and Dodgers down the stretch. And far be it from us to suggest those teams would think of such things, but since one might end up facing the wild card, what's really in their best interests?


best case scenario the Braves are only .5 games behind the Rockies after the weekend.

-- sneller01

The Rockies can't defeat the AAAA Padres... AGAIN! Hilarious! Rockies are a joke! Good thing they aren't in the AL because they would have NO CHANCE in making the playoffs.

-- Friars_Win