On Wednesday's "Mike and Mike" on ESPN Radio (link to the left, around the 6:50 mark), Chris Mortensen mentioned that more than a few folks in the NFL are leaning toward Washington quarterback Jake Locker ahead of Oklahoma's Sam Bradford when it comes to next year's draft, should both be available. That's news to SportsNation, or at least the 81 percent of voters who still feel either Bradford or Colt McCoy would be the best No. 1 pick. But it's more fuel for the fire that has Sooners coach Bob Stoops a little ticked about questions regarding his advice to Bradford before last spring's draft.

This much we know for sure. Oklahoma's season, or at least its national championship aspirations, will be on the line when the Sooners visit Miami to face the suddenly suspect Hurricanes. What we don't know is whether Bradford or Landry Jones will be under center for the Sooners. And that means we know nothing. Eric Mangini must be so jealous.


Unlike Sam Bradford, Tim Tebow or Colt McCoy would not have been a #1 pick, and everyone knows the Lions would not have taken Matthew Stafford over Bradford. No matter where Bradford's professional career goes, he will never make up the difference in guaranteed money he could of had from entering his name in the draft. Though now Sam's pro-career is in jeopardy, it's not 'ridiculous' to question the advice from the coach, it's only fair.

-- alexpaulparisi

Whether or not to come out is always a dicey call anyway you slice it. Staying in CF is a risk (injury), which is why many players take out insurance. Going to the NFL early is risky too, because no athlete wants to go out and be a bust (eg, Ryan Leaf). Coaches do not want to see either (injury or bust).

-- pac10man10

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