Is it an eye for an eye and toothless punishment for toothless punishment in Gainesville?

Florida linebacker Brandon Spikes' attempt to play ophthalmologist against Georgia hasn't gone unnoticed, but a lot of people seem to think it's going essentially unpunished by Gators coach Urban Meyer and the SEC. Spikes will have to sit out the first half of Florida's game against Vanderbilt this week. No offense to Vandy, but Spikes and a lot of Florida first-stringers probably would have ended up sitting out the second half anyway.

On the other side, SportsNation blogger RedskinJohnnie blames the media.

Seth (Miami)

Hey Mark,Im happy Spikes got suspended for an entire first half against Vandy. If he actually did rip that kids eyes out, he might of got a WHOLE game! Is that RB gonna get a suspension for trying to damage Spikes fingers with his eyes? And lastly, which is the most pathetic? The gouging, the punnishment, or Tebow's justification. Here i was thinking Tebow was a good sport and not the "well, we werent doing anything they werent doing" type.

Mark Schlabach
Mark Schlabach

It was a very chippy game. I was there. But there's no excuse for putting your hands inside another player's face mask. I'll go back and watch the tape and see what else I see. I know Spikes had his helmet ripped off early and it looked like he got hit in the eye. Retaliation isn't good, especially when it's caught on tape. Both sides had some questionable behavior on Saturday. Full transcript

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