In the ongoing shoe wars, the University of Central Florida seems like it ought to be kind of a forgotten outpost. Sure, they have a nice new arena down there in Orlando, but the Knights went 17-14 last season and are a middle-of-the-road program in middle-of-the-road Conference USA. Then again, the Falkland Islands weren't exactly a global hotspot, either.

Freshman Marcus Jordan, Michael's son, laced up his Nike Air Jordan sneakers for UCF's first exhibition game, and adidas, which has a contract for UCF players to wear its brand, dropped the school like it was Bryon Russell at the end of an NBA Finals game.

Of course, the school's contract with adidas also was in its final year, so it might have been a convenient way for the company to save some money in the future while reminding people it's still in the shoe game. Or perhaps we're just cynical.


No way UCF disciplines young Jordan. If he becomes an alumni, they can plan on more donations to the University from the Jordan family, than Addidas' contracts for 50 years. This was well thought out by UCF way beforehand.

-- vweaver69

This doesn't appear to be a big deal. UCF was in the final year of the contract and likely views having Marcus on the team as alot better marketing tool than having a sponsorship from Adidas. They can probably get a Nike or Jordan contract now.

-- khav32

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