It's forlorn former star day here in SportsNation. First, we had the suggestion Michael Vick might be wishing he was lucky enough to be Trent Edwards. Then it was Charlie Weis wishing we were a landlocked country. Now we turn to Allen Iverson, who it sure seems like is wishing he never signed with the Grizzlies. Iverson has been granted a leave of absence from the team, a perk what few season-ticket holders there are in Memphis would assuredly love to pursue. The owner says he'd know if Iverson was contemplating retirement, but will the guard's career in Memphis make Jerry Tarkanian's run with the Spurs look like FDR's time in the Oval Office?


Here's how to deal with the bench role: put up the numbers, make your coach take notice to the point where he has no choice but to put you in the starting lineup.

-- infamoss

Iverson continues to show the behavior that put the NBA in decline. Wade, Lebron, Bosh, are the New Skool now and they are doing it on the floor and off it with professionalism. Iverson is still holding onto to values of his era which had the NBA on the police blotter frequently. He didn't change with the times and this is already seeming like the end is going to sad instead of celebrated

-- chellowebb

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