LeBron James did a lot of talking on Thursday night after defeating the Miami Heat and his good friend Dwyane Wade 111-104. The headlines focused on his adulation of Michael Jordan and a declaration that the NBA should retire his number 23. King James said he was going to switch to his "lucky" No. 6 because " ... what Michael Jordan has done for the game has to recognized in some way -- soon." You can weigh in on that debate here.

But the Akron Hammer said something else that caught our ears. With Jordan watching from the stands, Wade threw down a thunderous, soaring one-handed dunk over Anderson Varejao that caused all 19,600 fans to propel from their seats as if they had landed on a trampoline. King James was impressed saying the dunk was "probably top 10 all-time."

Was this just LeBron talking up his buddy or will we be talking about this dunk forever?

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