It's a dark day for baseball fans in Kansas City. Their worst fears realized, they must now confront a bleak future. That's right; ace Zack Greinke won the American League Cy Young.

So who wants to help him pack?

Greinke's win, the first for an AL starting pitcher with as few as 16 wins (thanks, Royals offense!) since Kansas City's David Cone won in the abbreviated 1994 season, might seem like good news for fans who haven't had much to celebrate. But a quick look at history suggests Greinke may not be long for the Midwest. Three years ago, Johan Santana won with the Twins and soon thereafter departed for greener pastures in New York. Ditto CC Sabathia and Cliff Lee, the 2007 and 2008 AL Cy Young winners, respectively, who now play in big markets.

So how long until Greinke is in pinstripes?

Jay ((AZ))

Greinke was a 9.4 WAR players this year! (Imagine how bad the Royals would have been without him...) What are the chances he'll duplicate this season next year or in following seasons?

Rob Neyer
Rob Neyer

I think it's unlikely that he'll have another season like this one, because even the best pitchers rarely do. I do think he'll have other great, Cy Young-type seasons. Full transcript

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