All right, so more than 70 percent of SportsNation thinks Vince Young has a brighter future than Greg Oden, but could Portland's big man be the next to start living up to expectations? Oden went for 24 points and 12 rebounds Monday night against the Bulls, and while that's merely a good scoring half for Kevin Durant, it was a career high for Oden, the guy picked ahead of him. Speaking of Durant, it can't help Oden to have him around for such comparisons. Consider how SportsNation felt about the two on the eve of the 2007 draft.

To this point, it's not even clear Oden is better than Hakim Warrick, but he is just 21 years old. So putting Durant aside for at least a few years, how about a more reasonable comparison. Would you rather have Oden or Andrew Bynum as a young post?

martell webster (portland)

What do you think the best starting lineup is for us in the long run? Do you think Oden will ever be an All-Star?

J.A. Adande
J.A. Adande

It could happen for Oden just by attrition. Once Yao Ming's gone, for example. There are so few quality big men in the league right now. But at the moment Oden couldn't even crack the Bynum and Gasol lineup. Channing Frye's having a better season ... Full transcript