Dollar Stores. Super 8 Motels. The Six Million Dollar Man. We get that names involving numbers aren't always accurate to the last decimal. But if the Big Ten is going to expand to 12 teams, we need to come up with a new name. And we're pretty sure the Big 12 is taken.

Not surprisingly, Big Ten expansion is a hot topic in SportsNation blogs.

Andrew (Nashville)

Let's play conference dominos! If the Big 10's newly announced expanision takes a Big East team, who joins the Big East? If they take Missouri, does the Big 12 replace them with T.C.U.?

Graham Watson
Graham Watson

That's what I was telling Adam Rittenberg yesterday. It seems like the logical move. Full transcript

Paul (Dothan, AL)

I've been hearing how the Big 10 wants to expand to 12 teams. How would that affect conference realignment in the Non-AQ conferences?

Graham Watson
Graham Watson

It just depends who it is. If it's Pitt, then probably East Carolina or Southern Miss would be a favorite to go to the Big East. If it's Missouri, then maybe TCU heads to the Big 12... So yeah, the non-AQs would be affected in some way. With C-USA, it might present an interesting opportunity for a MAC team to move to C-USA and put the MAC back at 12 teams. Full transcript

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