We admit it; Chris Johnson kind of snuck up on us. Maybe it's the whole Vince Young story in Tennessee. Maybe it's Titans owner Bud Adams flipping off fans in Buffalo that distracted us. Maybe it's the amazement that despite about as common a name as you can imagine, the running back already has the second-longest career of anyone named Chris Johnson in the history of NFL, NBA or MLB (top honors go to the Raiders cornerback of the same name).

Whatever the cause, we can't ignore the reality that Johnson has a shot at Eric Dickerson's single-season rushing record. Sitting at 1,626 yards, Johnson needs to average 160 yards in his final three games to get it done.

The bigger question may be how much does the record mean? Even with events of recent years, baseball's home run record still has some special meaning. But which individual record means the most in the NFL? Rushing yards? Passing touchdowns? Sacks?

chad k (ashland,PA)

hey drew,do you think chris johnson will rush for the 2000 yards he is trying for?

First Take's Drew Bennett
Drew Bennett

I don't think there's any doubt Chris Johnson will break the 2,000 yard mark. I think the real question is will he break the all-time record? I played with [Jeff] Fisher, and I know Fisher will feed him the pill, appreciating the significance of the record. Full transcript

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