Did it take a collapse that would make Jean Van de Velde and the Houston Oilers blush to get the rest of the country to notice Tyreke Evans?

Supplying the magnifying glass (and then crawling under it to burn up in the sun) were the Chicago Bulls. The team still coached by Vinny Del Negro -- as of 8:22 a.m. ET, at least -- sprinted out to a 35-point lead against Evans and the Kings on Monday night. They then proceeded to give up the lead in the game's final 20 minutes and lose 102-98, the biggest NBA collapse in more than a decade.

Evans outscored the Bulls by himself over the final 2:28, and that brings us to his curiously minor profile. Evans is doing something few rookies have done -- averaging at least 20 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists. But consider these two recent poll results.

Adam (Sacramento)

If Tyreke can continue at a 20, 5 and 5 pace does he deserve an All Star spot, even though his chances are very low in a guard heavy West. His numbers are better than Roy at this point, and the Kings have far outplayed everyone's expectations while Portland has struggled at times. The man is even mentioned on some MVP boards!! Tyreke is a beast!!

J.A. Adande
J.A. Adande

Even if Portland has struggled the Blazers still have a winning record, which Sacramento can't say. I love how Evans is playing, but a guy who's been a vital part of a winner should get the nod. Full transcript

Ben (Sacramento)

In 10 years who ends up as the best player from this draft? Blake Griffin, Tyreke Evans, or Brandon Jennings

Chad Ford
Chad Ford

Wow. My money's still on Griffin, but Jennings is a very close second. Evans third. Full transcript

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