All we can say to the 53 percent of SportsNation that hasn't seen John Wall play yet is, What the heck are you waiting for? College football season is over, the next NFL playoff games are still days away and we know you've had your fill of the Mark McGwire debate.

Kentucky's road game Tuesday night against Florida (ESPN, 9 p.m. ET) is the perfect chance to sit back on the couch and watch the nation's best college basketball player. Come on, everyone was right about watching Ndamukong Suh. Get ahead of the curve this time. And as opening acts go, No. 6 Purdue's looking to bounce back from its first loss while hosting Ohio State (ESPN, 7 p.m ET) is better than what you get with a Ticketmaster fee.

Andrew (Acworth GA)

With all this talk about how John Wall is the best freshmen. Who does KU's Henry compare the Wall

Fran Fraschilla
Fran Fraschilla

Henry has had a great start to his career and is averaging over 16 points per game, but I just don't think anyone is physically and talent-wise up to the level of John Wall. Think of him as bigger and more explosive Derrick Rose. He may be the third straight point guard that John Calipari not only puts in the lottery but also becomes the NBA Rookie of the Year because Tyreke Evans, Calipari's former protégé, may have that locked up by the All-Star break. Wall is a special talent. Full transcript

Jared (Huntington, IN)

Joe, first off, love reading your stuff. My question is this, You have Purdue as a #1 seed now. Is this a surprise to you from the beginning of the season and do you see them being in the same spot come March? Thanks!

Joe Lunardi
Joe Lunardi

I love everything about the Boilermakers, Jared. They are a No. 2 seed in the new bracket coming off the loss at Wisconsin, but are no less a Final Four contender in my mind. Full transcript


Little nervous about tonight...UK isn't road tested and Florida is quite an environment to begin the SEC road schedule. I'd say Florida gives it a GREAT shot and UK wins by 6.

-- Richwildcat

Florida gets fired up for this game. We hate your guts. Why Kentucky doesn't get excited, I have no clue, but they keep taking beatings in this series because of it. Patterson who probably has a reason to be fired up for this game never plays well here. Kentucky and its fans think they are going to walk through conference play, which they won't in my opinion because they have no experience playing on the road.

-- sportzfrk99

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