It has been a long -- and yes, strange -- trip for the Chargers and Jets en route to Sunday's playoff game at Qualcomm Stadium. At various points this season, both teams were ranked in the bottom half of the league in SportsNation's Power Rankings. In fact, of the eight remaining teams, none ranked lower at any point this season than both the Chargers (who bottomed out at No. 19) and the Jets (who sank as low as No. 23)

Caleb (Los Angeles)

Matt I know you weren't impressed with Shonn Greene coming out of Iowa, but any Hawkeyes fan could have told you he was going to be an awesome running back in the pros. Best example is the Purdue game, throws a spin move on a safety then outraces the secondary for an eighty yard touchdown, then blows up the same safety at the line of scrimmage and runs in for TD number 2. What game tape were you watching?

Matt Williamson
Matt Williamson

I really worried about his speed and ability to get to the corner at this level-as compared to other top draft pick RBs. That isn't to say that I thought he couldn't play at this level, but I didn't see early round skills-he did go in Round 3 by the way. He has proven me wrong. No question about it. Big fan of his now and think he is the future of the Jets' running game. Great balance and power. Better burst than I remember. This isn't a knock in him at all, but I also think he is a fresher football player right now than T Jones or really anyone else on the field-as he was used very little the first half of the season. Full transcript

Frank (Denver)

Who do you like Jets-Chargers?

Lomas Brown
Lomas Brown

The Chargers do have a powerful offense. But I like some of the matchups the Jets can create - like Revis on Jackson; David Harris on Gates. With them having the No. 1 defense, I wouldn't be worried about LT and Sproles. The key again will be Mark Sanchez. Can he come out and have another game where he was almost perfect? Will he be able to make the big throw? Full transcript


Jets fan right here.. not tough at all to admit really.. i mean that is not as hard as admitting to being the fan of a program without a single Super Bowl victory.. Chargers are good, no the Chargers are great.. but since when did every unintelligent weekend warrior become an avid Charger fan?

-- ChilamBilam12

I'm confused, if no one can stop the Jets from running, and no one can score on their defense, how did they lose 7 games? Must be some error in the standings or something. we've been hearing all year long how we can't do this and that. How we were gonna lose in Denver, Dallas, NYG, TEN, etc. We'll see Sunday. Try rooting for a football team that plays in the same state as you..

-- ili_bolts_ili

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