SportsNation likes Darrelle Revis. Voters aren't exactly sure where the guy went to college (Akron should be so lucky), but they like him.

Granted, Sportsnation didn't quite like him enough to think he should have won NFL Defensive Player of the Year instead of Charles Woodson, but that's about the only mark against his soaring popularity. Best defensive player still on the field this weekend? You betcha. Most likely first-time All-Pro to make a repeat appearance on that illustrious team? Running neck and neck with Chris Johnson -- and nobody runs neck and neck with Chris Johnson. Just ask Ted Ginn.

As always, as seen below, Mel Kiper warned us this might happen. If he starts talking about Mayan calendars, look out. But would you really rather have Revis than Larry Fitzgerald?

Eric (NY)

Hi Mel, did the Jets give up too much to get Revis at 14 and your thoughts on David Harris?

Mel Kiper from April 30, 2007
Mel Kiper

They had no lead corner on this team. No No. 1 corner. They had to have it. There are only two corners that were rated above the rest - Hall and Revis. Once he ran a 4.39 at his pro day, he moved up on a lot of peoples' boards. They also moved up in the second round to get David Harris who should be an ideal LB for their scheme. Plus they only had three picks. They also got a kid in the sixth round who I thought could have gone a little higher than that. He's a good developmental OL prospect. When you can get an elite corner and a quality ILB for their defense, I don't have a problem with what they did. Full transcript from April 30, 2007

Jason (Northern MI)

Rex, and now Skip Bayless, both say Revis was robbed of DPOY. What is your take?

Chris Mortensen
Chris Mortensen

Not robbed. It was the toughest choice for me but I voted for Woodson, who had nine picks, 3 for TDs, fumbles forced...different roles. I think Revis is the best corner in football. I thought Woodson was defensive POY. But, honestly, I would not have complained if Revis won the award and I went back-and-forth. And, once again, after watching the first round of playoffs, I did second-guess myself. But the voting is based on regular season and ballots in by noon after the last reg. season game. Full transcript

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