The season's first meeting between Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin will be a true frozen treat for all of those on hand in Pittsburgh Thursday night. And aside from some highlights, basically only for those on hand. The two biggest stats in the sport won't be on national television -- even though on a night that also features Kobe vs. LeBron, 38 percent of SportsNation would watch hockey if they could.

Which brings to mind the question of just how much these guys can really do for hockey?

Are Crosby and Ovechkin the kind of talents who can bridge the gap between the NHL and casual fans in the United States, or are they really only a reward to savor for those who already love the sport?


I'm not slighting Ovie at all. Even though I love to hate him I always acknowledge he is an awesome offensive player - maybe the best in the NHL. And, he is surely on the short list for MVP. BUT, if you compare the two this season - believe it or not - Sid has been more valuable for his team, which is one of the criteria for MVP.

-- dd17404

Who does Ovechkin run (cheapshot) tonight? Now that the Olympics are coming up , and mother Russia needs all it's players healthy, I dont think it will be Malkin.

-- stickman15010

Jim (DC)

Who wins [Thursday] Caps or Pens and why?

Scott Burnside
Scott Burnside

Jim: Caps. Theodore on a rainbow right now. Caps and their fans better enjoy it while they can. 4-3 in a shootout. Full transcript

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