The news that Gilbert Arenas and Javaris Crittenton have been suspended for the remainder of the season isn't what we in the business call a big surprise. Commissioner David Stern isn't exactly known for his lenient take on his players displaying guns in the locker room (or anywhere, really); if there's any surprise here, it's that Arenas and Crittenton didn't get an even harsher penalty for their actions.

Very few members of SportsNation saw Arenas playing again this season. Three times as many thought he'd never play in the NBA again. It's a difficult situation for the man of a thousand self-determined nicknames. His stock had been on a steady decline even before the incident, as the Wizards have failed to make a deep playoff run during his tenure as their marquee player. At the beginning of January, NBA fans were almost evenly split on whether or not they'd want him on their team. Now that the length of Arenas' suspension is finally known, that tie could be broken either way.


suitable punishment. he'll be back, and a better person next season.

-- elcherry

A little harsh IMO. A month would have been more than sufficient. Kind of unfair to the rest of the team.

-- triple_double_32

Sad ending to a fun little era in DC in the grand scheme of things....Gil has done alot in the DC area for the kids in the community and its sad to see this is the ending of his time here...The punishment fits the crime and as the Wiz franchise goes....he will get his contract voided and some team in the league will get a 25+ per game scorer who's just getting his legs back at 25 cents on the dollar....typical Bullets/Wizards luck

-- diego1115

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