What does college basketball need to do to get your attention? Hit you in the head with something? West Virginia's fans can take care of that (although as the Charleston (W.V) Daily Mail explains, they'll have to go to great lengths to get around the added security measures the school is implementing for Monday's showdown against Villanova).

But with a mere 56 days until some men's college basketball team celebrates like the Saints did Sunday night, it's most definitely time to throw yourself into the hoops scene. And despite Texas' best efforts to ruin a good thing, Monday's doubleheader on ESPN is a good place to start. Ranked No. 1 as recently as Jan. 18, Texas has lost four of six entering tonight's game at home against top-ranked Kansas. The opening act comes with Villanova traveling to meet West Virginia and its fans, just days after being routed at Georgetown.

Bret (Syracuse)

Jay, you really think Kansas is better than Syracuse? They may look good on paper, but I think direct comparison (they have played three of the sames programs) has SU performing better against the same teams.

Jay Bilas
Jay Bilas

By a hair, yes. But, there is not a team out there that Syracuse cannot beat. And, I think that teams would have a big problem against the Syracuse zone. Kansas is the most efficient team at both ends. Remember, though, you are talking about my No. 1 and No. 2 teams, and I have said that no team is great. So, either of those teams can win this thing. It is a pretty close call, and reasonable minds can differ. Full transcript


A little tidbit for folks to chew on. WVU finished the St. John's game on a 47-15 run in the final 15:44. If that continues, the rest of the nation better beware. The Mountaineers have a lot of good shooters on the team. But they haven't been shooting well much this season. If this team's shooters follow Butler's lead and suddenly get hot, this could end up being a great year to be a WVU fan...

-- Bit_Cruncher

For any 'Nova fans making the trip, I hope you are treated well and can enjoy the atmosphere without fear of injury. Its sad that it has come to this, and WVU fans/students need to clean up their act regardless. The attention deserves to be on the court when these 2 great teams battle it out, not in the stands where people are acting like fools. I expect a close one and I think WVU/'Nova will split games this year with the home teams winning.

-- WVUeersfan09

Aldrich isn't going to be able to push Pittman around but we'll have to see how he handles himself tonight. He hasn't played as well during BigXII competiton. I think he'll get some good looks though because I could see KU doubling up on James while Marcus Morris on him and Cole sliding in to help.

-- RockChalk0001

Probably the matchup of the year down low.. Aldrich vs. Pittman.. Will get really physical.. Hate to say it but the only way Texas wins this is if Pittman destroys Aldrich on the glass (which won't happen) or Damien James erupts

-- Cubs0810O

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