Upsate New York might not seem like an ideal place to spend a lot of time in early February. Sure, it's not Washington, D.C., but Syracuse has been known to get a little snow. And it's kind of a long way from, well, anything. But if you're a Big East basketball fan, it's the best place in the world to catch a game, like the home team holding off Connecticut Wednesday.

At least that was the conclusion when Pat Forde sought out the best basketball towns in America by surveying writers who cover games in college towns all around the Big East and other major conferences.

Since we're talking college sports and you're all presumably still breathing, we imagine there might be a little disagreement on the subject. So make your case. Is Morgantown, W.V. a better place to experience basketball (and pick up some spare change) than Syracuse? Does Lawrence, Kan. really deserve unanimous support as the best of the Big 12? And what about the best places in the Mountain West, Missouri Valley and elsewhere?


Here is my list of good and bad [MWC] college basketball towns. Good- Albuquerque, Las Vegas, SLC. Bad- Fort Worth, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins (And I'm a proud CSU Ram)


Sorry Kentucky fans. I'll give you top billing on overall best program, due to your superiority in all time wins, titles, etc. HOWEVER, part of being a great basketball town (and state) is having tradition, not just stats. The game of basketball is what it is today in large part due to the contributions of Phog Allen. Lawrence is and will always be the best college basketball town in the best college basketball state in the nation, and that's the facts.

-- marchphog88

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