It's a big night for basketball, with the Celtics visiting the Lakers and the Nuggets visiting the Cavaliers in a pair of possible previews of the NBA Finals. But the game that SportsNation rates above all others? That would be Syracuse visiting old foe Georgetown (ESPN2, 7 p.m. ET).

Not bad considering Jim Boeheim's Orange weren't even ranked in the AP preseason Top 25 (they squeaked in at No. 25 in the ESPN/USA Today Top 25) -- and then lived up to that billing by losing an exhibition game to Division II Le Moyne.

But as seen below, it didn't take long for both teams to reclaim the territory they've often shared since even before Patrick Ewing and Rony Seikaly put on their short shorts and went to work.

pat (New York City)

Do you think Syracuse's 2-3 zone would mess up kentucky?

Dana O'Neil
Dana O'Neil

Pat: I think it could, yes. Certainly playing zone against Kentucky has proven fruitful for a lot of teams and for Syracuse, the zone isn't a gimmick they roll out in desperation. It's their bread and butter. Full transcript


Let's hope that Cuse remembers that their best offensive option is to beast down low with AO and Rick Jackson. Pound it down there, get Monroe in foul trouble, take advantage of GTown's lack of depth. Execute the game plan and get a big road win! Go Cuse!

-- mastroleo80

Cuse played poorly against L'Ville. Didn't deserve to win that game. But against G'Town our biggest rival they will be amped up! Wes is starting to play better which is key. Jimmy B. will have them ready and no they will not start out the game down 14-0 again that is almost impossible to come back from. But Hoyas are a legit team so it will be close and they want revenge badly. I say Cuse win 72-69. Bring out the Brooms..its sweeping time!

-- CuseFanForEternity

Purdue has looked good recently and I understand why they're ranked ahead of SU right now, but we'll see how the rest of the season plays out. If SU wins this it will be as or more impressive than Purdue winning in Columbus.

-- mrlisham