Citizens of the world, beware: Ozzie Guillen now has an unfiltered, immediate way to communicate with anyone with an Internet connection.

That's right; the outspoken (note: that was an understatement) White Sox manager has acquired a Twitter account, undoubtedly giving everyone in the White Sox front office heart palpitations. Guillen's not the first outspoken sports figure to Tweet, though he's in the running for the one with the most to say. In the past, SportsNation has had only a slight interest in following athletes on Twitter, but the service has become somewhat ubiquitous now -- less of an odd hobby and more of a social media requirement. We don't think that Guillen would tweet during games, but it's unlikely that he'll be banning the Mark Buerhles of the world from tweeting.


ladies and gentlemen......this is as simply as it gets.....the man may have a professional job (just like the most of us on the planet) but he also has a right...its called freedom of speech. Now if this offends Mr. Williams than he(Williams) needs to read Mr. Guillens contract. If there is no clause or order that says he cant have a personal life, then they probably need to re-think it of re-write it.

-- cloudneun

I'm with Lou on this one....Tweeting is for birds, not grown men

-- soxycledus