A week ago, SportsNation ranked the Denver Nuggets No. 4 in the NBA, behind only the Cavaliers, Lakers and Magic. Voters reinforced just how much seperation they felt there was in the Western Conferene -- 69 percent tabbed the Nuggets as the biggest threat to the Lakers. Then the Lakers went out and ended their season-long funk against Carmelo Anthony's team in a 95-89 win. So was Sunday's result proof the Nuggets are the only team that can push the champions or evidence that it's time to start looking at the streaking Mavericks as the real challenger in the West? We ask; you rank.

Meanwhile, since it's Monday, and we're all suffering through a little Olympic hangover (literally or figuratively, depending on your proximity to the Canadian women's hockey team), we're keeping it light in here once you're done ranking. In a recent chat, Mike from Ohio challenged J.A. Adande to construct a team that would beat his own all-time five. Adande didn't back down, but which team would you pick to win?

Mike (A-town, Oh)

If you could put together and all-time nba team, assuming all players from every era in their prime, who would your 5 be?? (not just on paper! consider they actually have to play well together)I'd go: PG Nash, SG MJ, SF LeBron, PF Duncan, C Olajuwon(Who is beating that team?)

J.A. Adande
J.A. Adande

If I can't have any of the players from your team, I'll take Magic PG, Bird SF, Kobe SG, Kareem C, and Malone PF, for one, and I'll start taking ring sizes for my squad Full transcript

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