Carson Palmer says he's all for the Bengals bringing in Terrell Owens to play opposite Chad Ochocinco, a move we can only assume would necessitate Jeff Probst taking on sideline reporter duties for CBS. But would that even be T.O.'s strangest pairing of 2010?

We talked earlier this week about Ochocinco's upcoming run as a "Dancing With the Stars" contestant, but unless Roger Goodell will be dancing with him instead of fining him, that's small potatos compared to Owens reuniting with Donovan McNabb.

The apparently former feud foes will team up with Antonio Gates on Spike TV's "Pros vs. Joes" to play Hakeem Olajuwon, Rick Fox and Kenny Smith in basketball. Can a Conan O'Brien appearance on Jay Leno's couch be far behind?


unlike football, TO seems to be a pretty good teammate when it comes to Reality TV shows. Well at least for the one he did for ABC

-- phillkoo

Hey T.O., in case you forgot, those passes will be low and behind you. Good thing in basketball you're allowed to bounce them.

-- CraigoB52

Let's hope McNabb doesn't get tired because we all know who T.O. will blame if the Pros don't win....

-- MShlyank

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