So that whole Championship Week thing proved a bit anticlimactic, eh? SportsNation voters overwhelmingly felt that Ohio State and West Virginia had the most impressive wins in the five most powerful conferences (sorry, Pac-10 fans), but the Buckeyes and Mountaineers couldn't turn those titles into anything more than No. 2 seeds when the NCAA tournament bracket came out Sunday evening.

Then again, looking back over how voters ranked the top 16 teams in the land from December through to Selection Sunday, there was a certain blue-and-orange theme to things. And seeding aside, it's time to start studying. Only two days until Arkansas-Pine Bluff and Winthrop start working on their one [copyright-protected adjective] moment.


What a dumb way to determine the NCAA champion. They should use two human polls, several computer rankings, a strength of schedule factor, and a ouigi board then delete one of the polls and the strength of schedule and have number "one" play number "two."

-- honesthoward

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