He's back! Finally, after many months of drama and rumor, one of sports' greatest talents is finally returning to his chosen sport.

No, we're not talking about Brett Favre (for once). Tiger Woods is our subject of the day, as a result of his recent announcement that he'll be playing his first tournament of the year at Augusta as part of the Masters Tournament. It's a big step in Tiger's public recovery from his messy and image-altering scandal, but is it the right move?

He's already followed some of SportsNation's script -- addressing the media before the distraction of the tournament, for one -- but it's not exactly as if THE MASTERS is a warm-up type event. Tiger hasn't played competitive golf in months, so expecting a bit of rust is more than fair. Still, it's Tiger Woods we're talking about here -- if anyone can handle the extra scrutiny and accumulated inactivity, it's him.


The Masters is going to beat all of golf records this year....and if Tiger is in the lead come Sunday, you best believe all eyes will be on him.

-- cabh1420

The golfing business couldn't be happier. The ratings are going to be huge

-- dwayne_johnson23