Jim Plunkett? Won Super Bowls with the Raiders after so-so stints with the Patriots and 49ers. Rich Ganon? Won an MVP and reached a Super Bowl with the Raiders (yes, the Raiders really reached the Super Bowl less than a decade ago) after having never started more than 12 games with any team other than Oakland. Even Jay Schroeder reached a conference title game with the Raiders after the Redskins ditched him.

All we're saying is the Raiders don't have the worst track record in rehabilitating flailing quarterback careers. So welcome, Jason Campbell. And yes, we're ignoring the Jeff George and Jeff Hostetler experiments.

Since the quarterback class of 2004 arrived, eight first-round quarterbacks seem to be living up to the hype -- Eli Manning, Philip Rivers, Ben Roethlisberger (current problems or not), Aaron Rogers, Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco, Matthew Stafford and Mark Sanchez. Nine other signal callers picked in the first round? From flashes of potential to flat-out flops (hello, JaMarcus Russell), there are still question marks. Who still has a chance? Rank 'Em.

Brandon (KY)

Mel, do you think the raiders adequately addressed their offensive tackle situation in this draft, or will Jason Campbell be running for his life?

Mel Kiper
Mel Kiper

McClain, they could have had Anthony Davis. They traded their starting MLB to Jacksonville. They also got Houston in the second round. I like their first two picks. But they still needed to improve their OL. The OL is still a question mark. You're asking a D-II player and a workout warrior in Bruce Campbell to be your answer. One of them needs to take the spot. When they drafted Jacoby Ford they could have had a David Reed, Riley Cooper, Carlton Mitchell, Dezmon Briscoe. They did it because he was the fastest player in the draft. I like some of the other things they did. I gave them a C+. Full transcript


Campbell is no "... legitimate quarterback ..." !!! He went 4-12 last year. He's been on his way out of Washington ever since he got there. If he was such a good q.b., why would Shanny bring in McNabb ??? I hope the Traders make him their starter, they won't even win five games next season.

-- bronncohowie

Just put JaMarcus Russell at defensive end.

-- Stofi619

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