The odds are with us, right? We've already had the lousy Game 7 -- and the Coyotes left no doubt about making sure their debacle at home against the Red Wings would snag that distinction. So surely, tonight's tilt in the (non-Canadian) national capital will provide the drama we've come to know and love from devisive playoff hockey games. Right? Pretty please? Just don't make us watch the Bucks and Hawks, that's all we ask.

In ESPN fantasy leagues this season, Ovechkin was the overall No. 1 pick in traditional drafts and went for an average of $72 (American, we assume) in auction drafts. Halak didn't register, putting him behind the likes of Ondrej Pavelec and Scott Clemmensen. But coming off 90 saves in the last two games, would you trade Halak for Ovechkin tonight?

Brian (Virginia Beach)

Who wins game 7 tonight Capitals or the hot Habs?

E.J. Hradek
E.J. Hradek

I still have to stay with Washington. They did get 54 shots on goal the other night. They will be on home ice. They've lost two games at home in this series, so it might not be that big of an advantage. They need to take the day-to-day with this group and try to catch their breath a little bit. Now is the time for calm and cool leadership. Bruce Boudreau, who's done outstanding with that team over the years, seems too on edge. That kind of stuff on the bench can impact the players in a negative way. I'm looking forward to it. It would be a monumental upset if Montreal can pull it off. In the Ovechkin era of playoff hockey, of their series that have gone seven games, they've won one and lost two. Full transcript

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