We wonder if Donovan McNabb would still be eager to see his new team bring in Terrell Owens now?

The Redskins have the quarterback they want, and it appears they have the quarterback DeSean Jackson didn't want. Harkening back to T.O. at his Philly finest, the current Eagles receiver wasn't exactly diplomatic in expressing that he was "happy" when his team made the move to trade McNabb and hand the job to Kevin Kolb.

But where there is hot air, is there fire? Jackson and the T.O. of old might not be the most credible witnesses against McNabb, but as ESPN.com NFC East blogger Matt Mosley suggests, Jackson might not be the only current Eagles player who wasn't eager to come to McNabb's defense. So is it possible McNabb wasn't the victim of Philly petulance -- from fans and teammates -- he was painted to be?

Cosmo (Anytown, USA)

Can you remember a stranger QB-city relationship than McNabb and Eagles' fans? Do you think having that behind him will result in a better season for McNabb in Washington?

Football Scientist K.C. Joyner
K.C. Joyner

Cosmo, you know I'm a fan of the Philly fans, but let's be blunt about this - they've always had strained relationships with their QBs. Ron Jaworski took them to a Super Bowl and the fans stlll bashed him mercilessly. Washington fans will certainly back McNabb more but I'm not sure that will lead to better on-field play. Full transcript


Jackson is quoted in this article as saying he didn' think they lost anything. I don't see that as negative towards McNabb as much as confidence in Kolb.

-- yopauly73

It still blows my mind that you guys openly burn McNabb and aren't grateful for him being the BEST QB IN YOUR FRANCHISE HISTORY. No wonder everyone hates Philadelphia the city, the people, and the fans.

-- FightForOlDC

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