Who or what in Hollywood is worth $4 million? Nathan Lane? Sure. Diane Lane? Absolutely. "The Adventures of Ford Fairlane" ... not so much. One name that isn't likely to top many lists is Lane Kiffin, but at least for a time this week, that was the number in play for his annual salary. A source told ESPN The Magazine's Bruce Feldman that was a greatly exaggerated number, but even if the real check is for less, it seems safe to suggest Kiffin will make more money than any coach with 17 career wins between the NFL and college.

SportsNation commenter jkerr14 can't fathom numbers anywhere near that neighborhood.

Bob (denver)

Do you think that Lane Kiffin will get USC focused? They completely fell apart last year.

Pac-10 Blogger Ted Miller
Ted Miller

Yes. My impression is that Kiffin is going to settle down and become a good coach and all the baggage he carried early in his career will gradually fall into the past. And that means the Trojans re-enter the Pac-10 and national picture. Full transcript


He's just using USC as a stepping stone to getting back in the NFL. That's why he went to Tennessee but when USC opened up he just pictures teams calling him all day to coach there pro team three years from now. He's young and knows what hes doing. You only wanna coach the young ones for so long, if your a coach you want to be in Primetime.

-- AjP_

Why aren't coaches salaries capped? Why do the athletes -- who do all the work for a school to bring them millions a year -- end up with nothing to show for it while human waste like Kiffin take the biggest share of the money the players earned for them?

-- etherealstill

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