So the baseball classifieds suggest there is a future Hall of Famer looking for an exit from the team whose cap would adorn his plaque in Cooperstown? And it's not Ken Griffey Jr.? Where do we sign up?

Well, maybe more like a possible future Hall of Famer. A fixer-upper Hall of Famer, if you will.

Roy Oswalt would like out of Houston, as Rob Neyer discussed on ESPN Radio's "All Night" via the link to the left. And unlike the rest of his teammates who probably feel much the same way about a team buried in the NL Central cellar -- no easy task with the Pirates around, Oswalt has the stature and contract that might lead to his wish being granted. But would teams be trading for a guy with Cooperstown potential?

Still just 32, Oswalt is No. 11 in wins among active pitchers.'s list of the 10 most similar pitchers through age 31 includes just one Hall of Famer in Dizzy Dean, but Mike Mussina, Don Newcombe and Andy Pettittee isn't bad company to keep. So with a 139-76 record and 3.21 ERA in 10 seasons, is he on pace for the Hall of Fame?

Nick (LA)

Do the dodgers make a deal for Roy Oswalt or any other "ace" at the deadline? Something will need to be done to have any chance in the playoffs!

Jayson Stark
Jayson Stark

I'm not sure if you've heard this, but Divorce Court is in session out there. And it's still unclear whether the Dodgers are going to be able to add anybody, especially a guy making serious change like Oswalt. They're a top-of-the-rotation starter away from being a team that could do some serious damage in October. But it's tough to bet on them being able to get that kind of pitcher. Full transcript


Send him to ATL for Kawakami and Escobar. Heck, we might even throw in a couple of minor leaguers too. Think of the rotation he'd be entering---Huddy, Lowe, Hanson, Medlen/Jurjjens(when he heals). That rotation would be nearly untouchable as long as the bats stay hot like they are. The Frolicking Fillies wouldn't have the east locked up after all.

-- jeff-burgess

Ed Wade LOVES to deal with his old team... the Phillies....I wouldnt be surprised if thats where he ends up. I am pretty sure they would have to include Hamels and/or top prospect Dominick Brown.... but I would LOVE to have Roy and Roy in Philly for 2 years!

-- JORtenzi

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