It's right there in the projected stats for Ubaldo Jimenez: 32-3. These days, 30 wins spread over two seasons will earn a pitcher a good chunk of change (we're looking your way, Mr. Suppan). And with pitch counts, five-man rotations and other factors, the idea of a pitcher winning 30 games in a season is almost unthinkable. Almost. Baseball has seen a 30-game winner (Denny McLain in 1968) much more recently than a .400 hitter (Ted Williams in 1941), but which would be more impressive to see again?

Meanwhile, two SportsNation commenters squared off as to whether Jimenez is doing it with smoke and mirrors or some of the best heat ever.

Alex (Denver)

So this is what everybody expected out of the Rockies. Are they going to stay like this for the rest of the year?

Jayson Stark
Jayson Stark

I still like the Rockies to win that division. They've barely had their team together all year. And if you count their bullpen health issues, they've actually never had their team together all year. That is one seriously talented group. And Ubaldo Jimenez is Bob Gibson! Full transcript

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