Not that Tom Izzo doesn't get his share of talent at Michigan State, but the scales seem to tip toward the coaching side of things more than the recruiting side when it comes to explaining his success. So perhaps it shouldn't come as a surprise that after failing to recruit LeBron James to remain in Cleveland -- or at least failing to get him to answer the phone and talk about it -- Izzo will stay right where he is in East Lansing.

But does the end of the coach's flirtation with the Cavaliers really mean he's at Michigan State for life, or was this a sign he has an itch to eventually try another challenge?

Meanwhile, the Cavaliers are still left with the first of what they hope will be one significant vacancy to fill (we're not counting Danny Ferry as significant, sorry). SportsNation blogger cvgolfguy thinks time is of the essence.


Izzo is a smart guy, although he turned down the quick buck on the NBA job, he will have better long term security at MSU over the long haul and still make more cash over all. Plus he won't have to move his family or live in a big city, sell his house when the market is down, yada yada.

-- barteltd

Izzo would of choked in the NBA. He made a great choice to backdown from the challenge.

-- wastedyouth419

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