Even the wind seemed to stop blowing Sunday at St. Andrews, although it wasn't clear if it did so out of respect for the show Louis Oosthuizen was putting on at the Old Course or simply out of sheer boredom with a final round that was one long, undulating victory parade for the previously unheralded South African.

SportsNation voters say Oosthuizen's win was more brilliant than boring, but perhaps that's because most of them weren't watching. Perhaps not coincidentally, the tournament also lacked a run from Tiger Woods. At one point in time (assuming that point was prior to Thanksgiving last year), majors at Augusta, Pebble Beach and St. Andrews made 2010 look like the year Woods might begin his closing kick in the race to pass Jack Nicklaus' record 18 majors. And now? Well, Tiger's future is at least unclear, if not yet doomed.

But Oosthuizen's four days of dominance at St. Andrews aside, is golf in general less interesting without Woods the root for or against at the top of the leaderboard?


Anybody who has ever played the game knows that golf is at least 50% mental. Its about focus, concentration and discipline. The advantage that Tiger had over the rest of the PGA Tour was his mental approach. Where Tiger is right now, he no longer has that advantage.

-- choate_sedition

maybe tiger can match jack's record on the champions' tour.

-- AZBears63

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