The standings say the San Diego Padres own the best record in the National League as play begins Monday, riding a four-game winning streak out of the All-Star break to some breathing room in the NL West. The statistics say no team in either league has allowed fewer runs than the Padres, fueling the best run differential in the National League.

Is SportsNation -- which ranked the Padres behind the Yankees, Rays, Braves, Rangers and Red Sox at midseason -- selling San Diego short or showing sage skepticism?

Arguing for the prosecution ...

And arguing for the defense ...

Mark (San Diego)

Are the Padres [going] to move Adrian Gonzalez in the off season if a contract can't be agreed upon? It would seem to be the smart thing to do. They could probably get a huge package in return.

Jayson Stark
Jayson Stark

That's what I think almost has to happen. They're not going to be able to sign him. And they certainly can't trade him now, when they're in first place. But this winter will be a time to establish once and for all that he's not signable (by them, anyway). And once that's out there, I think even the people in San Diego who love him will understand that they have to deal him. Full transcript

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