The Rays -- on the positive side of a no-hitter? It's about time! Instead of providing another team with a historic no-no, it was the Rays' own Matt Garza who finally pulled off the pitching feat for Tampa Bay. By allowing no hits and a walk, Garza secured the fifth no-no of the MLB season and first one ever for the Tampa Bay Rays (and by a guy named Matt).

Considering it's just the end of July, what do you make of the five (and almost six) no-hitters that have already happened this season? Sound off and vote below!


What gives? HR's are down; no hitters, perfect games are way up, and ERA'S are down. Either nobody's using 'roids this year, or, the baseball is different. What in the wide world of sports is a goin' on here?

-- lenapter

No surprise the Tigers got no-hit on the road. Too bad it had to be on national television ...

-- lionsarejustsad

Wow, the Rays on the positive side this time. Well gotta give props and a congrats to Garza for sure. Hell of a game.

-- nyyanksrdbest

And now we see what happens when the MLB deadens the ball: no-hitters are becoming almost passe.

-- traumor