Back when Albert Haynesowrth was auditioning for teams in advance of the 2002 NFL draft, the big defensive lineman covered 40 yards in 4.82 seconds. Not quite gazelle-like speed, perhaps, but plenty good enough to put your average couch potato to shame. Speed ahead about eight years and Haynesworth came up 300 yards short of satisfying Mike Shanahan's need for speed on the big guy's first day of Redskins training camp -- and then flunked again Friday morning.

Survey the conversation about all of this and you find more than a few people wondering if Shanahan is trying too hard to make a point. But speaking for what appears to be the majority, commenter I Am Ahab offers a different take.

Nobody is reporting exactly how slow Haynesworth is being clocked on the sundial, but how many residents of SportsNation think they could take him over 300 yards?

Steve (Bristol)

So now that the Redskins have a veteran QB and a much better offensive line, are you giving them any chance of making the playoffs? Or at least winning some division games this year?

Scouts Inc.'s Matt Williamson
Matt Williamson

The QB position is obviously huge, but I don't see an improved OL at all. Still see a 5 win team. Full transcript

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