Stop us if you've heard this before, but Brett Favre is reportedly retiring, telling Vikings teammates and officials that he won't return for the 2010 season. And strange as it seems for a guy who put the "Please, for the love of all that is holy, just make up your mind," in "summer" for the last three years, Favre's final (for now) decision seems to have caught SportsNation off guard.

The same day Favre and the Vikings lost to the Saints in the playoffs, 59 percent of SportsNation thought Favre would return for another season.

By the middle of July, 79 percent of voters were sure he was coming back, while only 2 percent were certain he was retiring and 19 percent paid homage to Favre by waffling.

So just how surprised are you that Favre apparently won't be back?


He'll be back once training camp is over with, he's done this how many years in a row? Dude doesnt want to go through the entire process...if its worked b4 why would he stop. The first game of the season Brett will be starting.

-- panth3rfan4life

If the Viles were smart, they'd contact Philly about aquiring Michael Vick in a trade

-- tjdixon81

Happy trails to the Future Hall of Famer. You were one of the best. To all the sore Packer fans, the guy gave you umpteen years and then they threw him out for Aaron friggin Rodgers. How's that deal working out for ya?

-- Tiger_Diesel

this narcissist needs to just retire for good and go away! He is exactly why i don't like the ..

-- geowinsit

Brett Favre is going to rest, and sit this season out. However, I think that Brett will unretire one last time next spring, to play one final season in 2011.

-- pride4jc1222

I can't believe this is happening.... he will come back after the week 4 bye week...

-- minnesotafan24

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