We know Ben Roethlisberger will be back on the field in the NFL, which is a nice change of pace from the other big quarterback-related story of the week (no, not the Redskins releasing Colt Brennan). We just don't know yet if we'll see Roethlisberger in a Steelers uniform before we'll see LeBron James in a Miami Heat uniform.

NFL commissioner says it's still to be determined if Roethlisberger's six-game suspension will be shortened to the minimum four games, but in also saying the Steelers quarterback has done more than asked of him at the time of his suspension in April, Goodell sure seems to be laying the groundwork for an early return. All of that on top of a warm welcome for Roethlisberger at training camp.

Not quite four months ago, 56 percent of SportsNation -- including 58 percent of voters in Pennsylvania -- said Roethlisberger had tarnished the Steelers franchise with his actions. Whenever he plays, has he already reclaimed his place as franchise cornerstone?


I am by every definition of the word a fanatic when it comes to Pittsburgh sports, and the Steelers in particular. (When my wife couldn't be talked into naming our girl/boy twins Sydney and Crosby in February, I managed to talk her into Sydney and Bradshaw.) But having said that, Ben got no leeway from me when it all went down. I was, and am, thoroughly disgusted by what I perceive to be his distasteful actions. ... The 6 games will be reduced to 4 for showing he understands he needs to stop being an idiot, which he is doing. But to say that he deserves more than the other CONVICTED offenders in the league...hogwash.

-- FloridaSteeler

... I am not a fan of his nor will I be applauding him for "rising above" his mistakes. He should have realized by now how a man should behave. Most people would have been ruined by these repeated mistakes/accusations and Ben has gotten a free pass due to football. Kinda sad.

-- jiro32

Eric (Cali)

Do you think its that big a deal that Ben is out 4 to 6 weeks when steelers like to win by the D keeping it close anyways? Reed is a good kicker and as long as they play good D and pound the ball I think they will be just fine.

AFC North blogger James Walker
James Walker

I'm really surprised by the degree Steeler Nation has dismissed Ben Roethlisberger's importance to the team. Are we watching the same games? Roethlisberger is a great QB. Full transcript

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