Brouhaha. Kerfuffle. Donnybrook, even. Brandon Phillips, Yadier Molina and a scrum (there's another one) of Reds and Cardinals gave fans everywhere a rare opportunity to break out some of baseball's best words. It's like breaking out the good dishes for the holidays.

Predictably, Cardinals fans weren't thrilled with Phillips expressing how much he hates the team from St. Louis and setting the stage for Tuesday night's confrontation.

But what about the parts of SportsNation without a prior rooting interest? Is firing up this kind of rivalry a good way to spice up the doldrums of August and put the NL Central (which, by the way, is now tied after another Cardinals win) front and center?


nothing wrong with hating the other team. Even so, in 2 games the Reds haven't put up much of a fight on the field. I love my Reds, but if you want to shut the Cards up, then beat them.

-- kc3420

I understand the frustrations of teams that have been down for awhile, but be humble when you get there. That's just the sign of the times, it's not about the name on the front of the jersey anymore. It's about how can I make a name for myself. Money's done that to the game. Kinda' pathetic really.

-- jayeteee

I'm sure this wasn't the first time a player has had these types of feelings toward a division foe, this just happened to have been said at an inappropriate time and led to an unfortunate result. BP needs to learn when and when not to talk, he wants to be the Ochocinco of baseball and I'm not so sure I can handle that.

-- natifanatic717

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