The Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame opens its doors to a new class of inductees tonight in Springfield, Mass. (which gave us basketball and Dr. Seuss within a 13-year span and has since taken the last 106 years pretty much off). And perhaps it's only fitting that all-time sidekick Scottie Pippen gets to share the night with one of only two players in NBA history to score more points than Michael Jordan (not to mention, the entire 1992 Dream Team).

Pippen spent his career ceding (sharing, if you're feeling charitable) the spotlight to Jordan, but is entering the Hall with the Mailman one legacy battle he can win? SportsNation blogger ricodade offers his own take on a "Robin" for the ages.


Congrats Pip!! Couldn't have done it without you. We all know that. As great as MJ is, you were definitely the most crucial/vital piece to his success and vice versa. The truest Batman/Robin duo of all-time! It's a great day to be a Bulls fan, watching your introductory into the Hall of fame!

-- Youmustbecrazy40

i hate the mailman but even i know he should be in the Hall. on the other hand Scottie Pippen should never go to the hall. his plaque should be of MJ's head not his. he owes his career to his airness.

-- rocketsandtitans

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