The Pirates don't just lose, they lose with flair -- consider April, when they dropped back-to-back games in Milwaukee by scores of 20-0 and 17-3, respectively. But as much practice as they have losing on the field, missing the playoffs in each of the last 17 seasons, the trait apparently doesn't extend to the books.

According to the Associated Press, the team's financial documents reveal a profit of nearly $29.4 million in 2007 and 2008, seasons in which the team lost 94 and 95 games, respectively. As much grumbling as just about all of us outside the Big Apple do about the Yankees' payroll, is there spending really worse for baseball than the Pirates' penny-pinching ways?


The Pirates ownership doesn't understand baseball teams. They understand how to run a business, but baseball is about more than that. They understand how to get good prospects, but the game is more than that. They understand how to find revenue sources and sponsor fireworks nights to fill the stadium on Fridays, but that doesn't win games. Pittsburgh had been a strong baseball town for nearly 90 years. The current owners are not doing justice to the legacy and they are not showing respect to the fans fo the city. Make all of the money that you want in another business. Sell the team. Respect the game.

-- tunsa

And people complain about the Yankees who actually take their profits and put it back into the team while the Pirates actually get money from the Yankees, and just pocket it. What the Pirates are doing is worse for baseball than the Yankees. The Yankees at least put out a quality product and reward their fans with winning instead of the Pirates who just rob their fans and embarass the franchise with 18 losing seasons in a row.

-- Hayde4M

So, is the mentality here to drive the franchise into debt in order to satisfy some bean-counters and expectant fans? Is it bad that they made a profit?

-- imstrider

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