Who are the NFL's best players? Well, we can probably all agree, especially after Monday, that Matt Leinart doesn't quite make the list's final cut. After that it gets a little tricky.

Scouts Inc. took its best shot at the Everest-sized challenge, ranking the NFL's top 200 players. The Jets landed two players in the top 20, but despite their shared space among the league's elite, Darrelle Revis and Nick Mangold couldn't be living two more different NFL experiences at the moment. Mangold has a new seven-year contract that pays him more money than any center in NFL history. Revis is still locked in a rather bitter stalemate in his pursuit of the most money ever given to a cornerback. Guess who is happier?

But does signing Mangold pave the way for the Jets and Revis to get something sorted out? Or will it only make Revis feel even less appreciated? The Buccaneers, who don't have a player ranked in the top 80, can thank their lucky stars they don't have such problems.

Shaya Gartner (NYC)

Hey Seth! As a Jet fan I am pumped about the Mangold deal. However at first glance I was concerned about how the Revis camp would react to such a deal. Everywhere I look people are saying that all this does is put pressure on Revis to sign a deal. Is there any chance this distances the two sides at all? Do you think this affects the Revis deal at all?

ESPN New York's Seth Everett
Seth Everett

It doesn't distance the deal... I think this is a big week for Revis. he needs to figure out what his plan is, and I think he's back in camp before Monday. Just a suggestion. Full transcript

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