We're not saying Derek Jeter flopped during Wednesday's game against the Rays, but Arjen Robben and Vlade Divac gave him a standing ovation. That's flop humor.

Actually, we don't need to say Jeter took a dive because he said it himself. The shortstop owned up to making a meal out of a ball that actually hit the knob of his bat, spinning out of the box and waving his arm as if he had taken an Aroldis Chapman heater to the funny bone. Umpire Lance Barksdale awarded Jeter first base, Rays manager Joe Maddon got thrown out for arguing and Curtis Granderson made it count with a two-run home run.

Fortunately for fans of fair play, Dan Johnson's second home run powered the Rays to a win in the end. But do you have a problem with Jeter disproving the old baseball axiom that you can't steal first base?


Congrats to all the Rays fans, great series! I wish Hughes didnt throw that pitch to Johnson, but overall, UNBELIEVABLE. Great job by both teams. And to those complaining about Jeter...ITS BASEBALL! You do what you can to get on base...especially when the ump tells you to! Whats he gonna do..say "NO!" ? Gimmee a break.

-- antdee33176

Well at least he didn't lie. I really think people are making too much of this. Most importantly 1- It had no effect on the game, 2- Players fake injuries all the time in soccer, the most popular sport in the world, and players fake fouls in another sport played worldwide in basketball

-- masta_mcnasty_37.0

I have no problem with the missed call in the absence of replay but lost a lot of respect for Jeter who I have admired over the years even as a Yankee. It now puts him in the same class for me as A-Rod, V-MArt, Pierzynski, and others who would sink to any depth to try and get a call. Too bad.

-- kwelch1962

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