Carmelo Anthony wasn't always the biggest prize in the offseason shuffling of players from team to team, but the guy who wore that crown made his Decision a long time ago. Anthony has been The Guy Who Could Make Your Franchise A Contender ever since.

Currently, the Bulls and Knicks are the primary contenders for Anthony's talents, with the Nets a darkhorse third candidate. Chicago seems to have the best shot at landing Anthony, but some observers aren't so sure that a trade would be worth it. Any Anthony trade would likely have to involve Joakim Noah, and no less an authority than Scottie Pippen has said that he wouldn't let Noah go in order to get Carmelo. Would Chicago be foolish to pass up an opportunity to get Anthony for the sake of keeping Noah?


thibodeau, being a defensive coach will not want noah part of this deal. the bulls hold the upper hand b/c denver knows they have to get something. melo is not going to the nets. a team that won 10 games last year.

-- maxtime55

Should I get excited? No! Because the Bulls are dumb enough to let an opportunity like this fly by. I am more positive that within a couple of years (1 or2) , I will be saying, "man the bulls would have won a title with him, now he has won it with another team.

-- manejd