Game 1: SportsNation's burning questions for No. 1 Alabama at No. 19 South Carolina

BB (Carolina)

How do you see Bama/SC playing out?

Pat Forde
Pat Forde

BB: Nick Saban is the best coach I've seen at getting his teams to play at a consistent level regardless of opponent -- but I still expect a little letdown from the Tide after that Florida game. And South Carolina has had an extra week to prepare. Bottom line: Think that game will be close for a while. Maybe even a long while. But Bama will win. Full transcript

Game 2: SportsNation's burning questions for No. 17 Michigan State at No. 18 Michigan

Greg Jones (East Lansing)

I keep hearing all this talk about about D-Rob and how good the Michigan offense is, but I'm the best linebacker in the big ten. What do I gotta do to shut everybody up?

Adam Rittenberg
Adam Rittenberg

Prevent the explosion plays, Greg. Robinson is going to get his yards, but he can't get the runs of 50 yards or more where no one can catch him. You need to continue to take great angles to the football and wrap up. You're fast enough to keep Robinson in check near the line. But if he gets in the open field, no one is catching him. Full transcript

Game 3: SportsNation's burning questions for No. 12 LSU at No. 14 Florida

Don (Sugar Land)

Heard everybody input on LSU win vs Tenn except you. What do you think of Les Miles and what to do if he finishes 8-4 or 9-3 agian?

Ivan Maisel
David Ubben

I came up with the right analogy yesterday talking to Beano Cook on the phone (By the way, our newest podcast is up and awaiting your download). Les Miles should be called Coach Clouseau. He does everything wrong, and gets the right result. I'm just not sure if Steve Martin could master Miles' accent. Full transcript

Game 4: SportsNation's burning questions for No. 23 Florida State at No. 13 Miami

Chris (Boulder, CO)

Heather, Miami is reporting that there are less than 2000 tickets left for the big game on Saturday. Miami fans clearly think this is a bigger game than usual. Do you see this as the biggest game in Randy Shannon's tenure as head coach?

ACC blogger Heather Dinich
Heather Dinich

Hadn't thought of it like that, but now that you mention it, it probably is. He said the win at Clemson was one of the biggest for the program since he's been there. With each win, the next game only gets bigger. Full transcript

Game 5: SportsNation's burning questions for USC at No. 16 Stanford

Matt (DC)

How long will JH stay at Stanford? Despite the loss he has clearly changed the culture in a very short time and I know UGA or LSU will be begging him to come

Mark Schlabach
Mark Schlabach

I think Harbaugh is a future NFL coach if he leaves Stanford. I think he's there for a couple of years, but given his brother's success in NFL, I wouldn't be surprised to see him follow that career path. Full transcript

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