How much are two hits worth? Are they worth more than pitching under the pressure that comes with being one round closer to the World Series? Are they worth more than pitching on the road against the defending champions instead of at home against the surprise NL Central champions with the fewest wins of any postseason entrant?

What we're getting at here is even with a no-hitter on the books elsewhere, might Cliff Lee's performance against the Yankees in Game 3 of the ALCS been the postseason's best pitching performance?

Consider how much SportsNation's consensus on the best remaining ace has changed.

Taylor (TX)

Richard, can you name one team in recent memory that's been as exciting to watch at the Rangers? I believe that one would be hardpressed to find a team with better team chemistry or a team that looks like they're having as much fun (claw and antlers really help this issue) as the Rangers have had this season.

ESPN Dallas' Richard Durrett
Matt Williamson

I can't name a better Rangers team in terms of chemistry. The 2004 edition had it, but not like this team. I'm sure the playoff teams had it too. But it's a club that genuinely likes each other and has fun together. It shows in their play. Some credit for that should go to the manager and to the veteran players who run things in there. The fans seem to have jumped on the claw and antlers thing, which is great, but that's not the only thing that produces chemistry for this team. They just have the right mix of personalities. Full transcript

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