The Houston Texans have never beaten the Indianapolis Colts twice in a season, primarily owing to the fact that the Colts have been rather good during the entirety of the Texans' existence. With a win over Indianapolis in their first game, Houston looked to change that sad fact last night.

It was not to be, however, as the old patterns repeated themselves: Peyton Manning threw a few touchdowns, Dwight Freeney made a key sack, and Matt Schaub threw a damaging interception. The Texans couldn't overcome their varied mistakes. The Colts are obviously going to win the AFC South now.

Or are they?

We're sorry for being so dramatic -- Halloween is over and done with, we know. The truth is that the AFC South isn't as clear-cut as it's been in years past. The Colts are at the head of the pack, for sure, but it's almost a three-way tie for that top spot. Tennessee has an equal number of wins, but one more loss, and if Houston had managed to pull it off last night, its position and Indianapolis' would have been reversed. It's all up for grabs in the AFC South. Which team will prevail?


Peyton = Greatest QB to ever play the game. Nuff said, end of story, period, done deal, chalk it up, tell a friend. It's a privilege to watch him play.

-- xrobologyx

The play calling for the Texans, last night was horrendous!! Arian Foster was averaging almost 7 yards per carry and yet he only got the ball 15 times. Run the ball! Kubiak, you're thinking too hard.

-- htownrprsntr

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