Game 1: SportsNation's burning questions for Patriots at Steelers

Corky (Destin)

Hi Mike: Big brown bummer... Did the Browns expose weakness that other teams will now expand on? quess next few games will tell, but give us some wisdom to have hope...

ESPN Boston's Mike Reiss
Miatt Mosley

Corky, the main thing I thought the Browns did offensively was beat the Patriots with some scheme runs. This is something Tedy Bruschi pointed out when we rewatched the game, and it put stress on inside linebacker Brandon Spikes. I think we'll see the Steelers try the same thing to see if the Patriots can stop it. On defense, they disguised their looks pre-snap. I don't think this is anything new, so I don't see these problems multiplying based on the game. The Patriots just had a dud. Full transcript

Game 2: SportsNation's burning questions for Vikings at Bears

Josh (Atlanta)

I don't think that owners should always listen to fans opinions on coaches and players. However, with an owner that is looking for public funding(and thus public approval) for a stadium wouldn't fan opinions play some role? I mean obviously when the guy is getting booed at home it isnt a good sign for public opinion of him.

NFC North blogger Kevin Seifert
Kevin Seifert

Here's what I think: NFL owners, and not just Zygi Wilf, are hypocrites when it comes to their relationship with the public. They consider their franchises "public trusts" when it comes to asking for taxpayer money to build stadiums. That means they consider the franchise to be the figurative property of the public because of how essential they are to the community. But when it comes to sharing information and representing that community, they consider themselves to be private companies. In this case, I think Wilf owes it to Minnesota public to be publicly accountable for the craziness that had gone on. Full transcript

Game 3: SportsNation's burning questions for Eagles at Redskins

John (San Diego)

Any chance the McNabb situation lights a fire under him and improves his performance similar to his play post benching in Philly last year?

NFC East blogger Matt Mosley
Matt Williamson

That could certainly happen. But with the Shanahan boys carving him up behind the scenes, it will be hard for all of them to remain on the same page. In Philly, McNabb could fall back on his long friendship with Reid. Full transcript

Game 4: SportsNation's burning questions for Cowboys at Giants

Chris (San Diego)

Is there a chance that Cowboys could start with a new franchise QB during next year's draft, letting go of Romo?

Chris Mortensen
Chris Mortensen

That would surprise me. I guess if they had the first pick in the draft, hired Jim Harbaugh as coach and Andrew Luck was coming out, then maybe that would be a possibility. Though Romo is 31, he is still held in high regard around the league. And the fact that the Cowboys were leading the Giants 20-7 when Romo was injured and then the team completely collapsed tells you that he was much more vital than his critics are willing to admit. Full transcript

Game 5: SportsNation's burning questions for Titans at Dolphins

Hogan (Del)

If you are Jeff Fischer would you be worried about Vince Young taking a step back(on the maturing process)with the less than positive Randy Moss around?

Scouts Inc.'s Matt Williamson
Matt Williamson

Could happen. But he is a great deep ball WR -- and VY throws deep quite well. Moss will really help Chris Johnson too. As long as he is being fed the ball and Tennessee is winning games, Moss shouldn't be a huge problem. Remember: He is an UFA after this season. Needs to make himself marketable. Full transcript

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