Cliff Lee deciding to return to the Phillies and spurn both the Rangers and Yankees came out of nowhere Monday night. But if you think the move caught everyone by surprise, well, you just don't know SportsNation. Consider this prophetic chat exchange from Monday afternoon while we try and track down Nelson for some lottery numbers.

Nelson (Puerto Rico)

HEY ROB! Doesn't this Cliff Lee Saga have a certain feel to it that tells you that a team who no one thinks can come out of nowhere and sign him, leaving the Rangers and Yankees dumbfounded?

Rob Neyer (Monday afternoon)
Rob Neyerr

Yeah, sort of. I just don't know who's got an extra $160 million laying around. Full transcript

Of course, as it turned out, the Phillies only needed about $120 million to tempt Lee, and who doesn't have that kind of change between the cushions on the couch? But in adding Lee to Roy Halladay, the ace they acquired after dealing Lee prior to last season, do the Phillies have the best rotation in the game? We just watched the Giants win a World Series with one of the best collective pitching efforts in recent memory, but is this even a debate?


Uhhh sorry Giants fans. While I respect the hell out of your team and while I absolutely acknowledge you are the Champs, you still aren't the best TEAM in baseball. Three NCLS appearances, two world series appearances, and one championship in the past three years would probably put the Phils ahead of you.

-- NJGiant99

Wow, another pitcher who can't beat the Giants. Good luck with improving that team. I'm still taking Lincecum, Cain, Bumgarner and Sanchez over them, just for a lot less.

-- vusani

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