Charles Barkley and the Miami Heat are controversial, but although the Heat generate controversy from the pervasive worry that ostentatious concentration of star power on one team is bad for the NBA, Barkley garners attention from having long ago decided to say whatever he feels like saying whenever he feels like saying it. To that end, Barkley recently called the Heat a "whiny bunch" because of their overall defensiveness about people taking shots at them. The Heat certainly have complained about criticism leveled their way, but is it fair to characterize them as whiners?

Are the Heat a whiny bunch?

We're not entirely sure what LeBron James is yelling about here, but we can guess that a sizable segment of non-Heat fans would say that he's unjustified.


Do you root for the Heat?

Fans of pure basketball might root for the Heat because it's cool to see two of the greatest players of a generation on the same team, although they do automatically come off as the Goliath to their opponents' David.


How did the announcement strike you?

Having your big three stars emerge out of smoke and fog while lasers play everywhere might not make fans of opposing teams take your complaints all that seriously.


Is Charles Barkley a role model?

Way back in the day, Charles Barkley made headlines by announcing that he is not a role model. We get what he meant, but the guy has settled into a comfortable niche of being hilariously cranky. We wouldn't mind ending up like that, you know?


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